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San Jose Location

At Provines Dental Services, the San Jose office of Dr. Provine’s Peninsula Center for Implantology, patients receive a complete menu of periodontal and implant services, as well as quality esthetic therapies that are customized to each patient’s unique needs. For more than 30 years, patients in and around San Jose have relied on Dr. Provines to give them outstanding periodontal care and dental implant services.

Our San Jose dental practice is a warm and inviting space that also features the latest in dental technology. With state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Provines and his staff are able to provide patients with the most accurate and comfortable care.

Sedation Dentistry in San Jose

Dr. Provines understands that some of the procedures carried out at our San Jose dental office can be rather unsettling for some people. If you are fearful or anxious about one of your scheduled treatments, then speak to Dr. Provines or a staff member. We offer oral conscious sedation to help calm your nerves, so you can have the dental care you need in order to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

With oral conscious sedation, you’ll be given a mild sedative pill to take prior to your appointment. Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to our San Jose dental practice and by the time you arrive, you’ll be feeling more at ease and able to handle your treatment comfortably. Under the calming effects of oral conscious sedation, many patients doze through their treatment.

Dental Technology

Another reassuring aspect of Dr. Provine’s San Jose office is the advanced dental technology we use daily. Our state-of-the-art paperless office takes full advantage of modern dentistry with a number of technological advances. For example, we use intraoral cameras that immediately present detailed images of your teeth and mouth on a chairside computer screen that you and Dr. Provines can view together. Dr. Provines is then able to show you any problems areas and recommend a course of treatment based on what both of you see. When necessary, we also have a CT scanner available for more in-depth viewing.

Digital x-rays are another technological advance that we commonly use at Provines Dental Services in San Jose. Unlike traditional x-rays that require toxic chemicals and darkroom to develop, digital x-rays produce clear images immediately and use approximately 90 percent less radiation than standard x-rays. These too can be shown on a chairside monitor, and they are easy to store on a computer.

For patients who need gum surgery, Dr. Provines uses Laser Periodontal Therapy™ (LPT™), also known as LANAP. With this advanced laser technology, Dr. Provines is able to treat gum disease more precisely than with a traditional scalpel.

Call our office in San Jose to learn more about any of our services or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Provines. We want to help you create a beautiful smile you’ll want to share with everyone in your life.

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