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Fremont Location

Welcome to Provines Periodontics & Implantology, the dental practice of Dr. Joe Provines in Fremont, CA. As with our other two practices in Sunnyvale and , we offer unmatched periodontal services and implant dentistry to help patients maintain good oral health and a full smile. Dr. Provines is an accomplished and highly regarded periodontist and implantologist who has provided Fremont and the surrounding communities with exceptional service and personalized care for more than 30 years.

Periodontal Therapy

With a certificate in periodontics from Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine and years of experience and continuing education, Dr. Provines is uniquely qualified to treat a variety of periodontal concerns. Your gums and the underlying bone structure are the foundation of a healthy and beautiful smile. Unfortunately, gum and bone tissue can be compromised by bacterial infection called gum disease. When this happens, both your oral and your general health can be impacted. Dentists and physicians now recognize the oral-systemic connection that can lead to number of illnesses and diseases including hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and osteoporosis.

Tooth Extraction

Unfortunately, there are times when gum diseases advances to the point that tooth extraction becomes the most efficient treatment. In this case, Dr. Provines can perform an extraction right here in our Fremont dental practice. In addition to removing teeth that are diseased and damaged, Dr. Provines may recommend tooth extraction to prepare your mouth for dentures, to remove wisdom teeth, to reduce overcrowding or to remove a tooth that has not erupted through the gum.

General Anesthesia

For patients who need multiple teeth extracted or who for those who still feel pain even with local anesthesia and other forms of sedation, our Fremont dental office offers general anesthesia. Our anesthesiologist, Dr. Philip Yen, provides general anesthesia in the same environment that you are already comfortable and familiar with. The sedative is delivered intravenously and additional doses can be given through a facemask to maintain a patient’s comfort throughout a procedure. While you are under general anesthesia, your vital signs are monitored continuously, because your health and safety is our number one concern.

Call our office in Fremont to learn more about any of our services or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Provines. We want to help you create a beautiful smile you’ll want to share with everyone in your life.

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