Lip and Tongue Tie Dentist

Removing Restriction for Better Oral Function

Woman after treatment for lip and tongue tip in Sunnyvale

It is not uncommon for dental specialists to treat a baby or young child with a lip or tongue tie; however, if common problems do not arise until later in life, you can rest easy knowing that as an adult, you can still receive safe and effective treatment. At Peninsula Center for Laser Therapy & Implantology, we can perform a frenectomy that releases the banded tissue located behind your upper lip or underneath your tongue. In doing so, it will allow for greater oral function so that you can eat, speak, and embrace a better quality of life. Contact us today if you believe you have a lip or tongue tie that is preventing you from living your best life.

What is a Lip/Tongue-Tie?

A child’s tongue tie in Sunnyvale

The clinical term used to describe the banded tissue that forms a lip or tongue is the frenulum. Most commonly found behind the upper lip and underneath the tongue, these are formed at birth but for many, problems do not arise. Unfortunately, for some infants, children, teens, and adults, these frenulums can remain thick and restricted, causing problems that range from an inability to breastfeed to having difficulty being able to swallow food or speak clearly.

What Are the Common Signs of a Lip/Tongue-Tie?

Man with tongue tie seeing dentist in Sunnyvale

Different ages can experience different symptoms. Babies and their mothers can often struggle with:

  • Inability to gain weight
  • Struggle to latch and properly feed
  • Colic or acid reflux
  • Difficulty taking a bottle
  • Often falling asleep while attempting to latch
  • Blocked milk ducts
  • Extreme fatigue due to prolonged feedings

Children, teenagers, and adults will experience a different set of symptoms, some of which include:

  • Speech impediment
  • Embarrassment or self-conscious
  • Inability to breathe correctly while asleep (sleep apnea)
  • Lip ties can often cause an increased risk for periodontal disease and tooth decay
  • Difficulty swallowing food
  • Poor oral hygiene

How is a Lip or Tongue-Tie Treated?

Soft tissue dental laser in Sunnyvale

When it comes to lip and tongue treatment in Sunnyvale, Dr. Provines uses a soft tissue laser to quickly release the banded tissue. Referred to as a frenectomy, this procedure is quick, simple, and allows for a less invasive form of care. Instead of spending weeks or months in recovery after undergoing a scalpel and suture style of surgery, the soft tissue laser makes it possible to easily target the area with great precision while leaving healthy tissue untouched. It also cauterizes the area to minimize bleeding and swelling, allowing for a much quicker and easier recovery.

In a matter of minutes, the entire procedure can be completed, allowing you or your child to begin experiencing greater oral function as a result of this unique procedure. Of course, once you are home, you’ll be required to perform various stretches to keep it from ever trying to reattach.