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LANAP Treatment in Sunnyvale Offers Optimum Gum Tissue Therapy

April 19, 2016

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Learn more about LANAP treatment in Sunnyvale, which offers patients optimum gum tissue therapy.Periodontal, or gum disease can be sneaky because there are not a lot of pain or symptoms associated with it, at first. In fact, gum disease affects almost 50% of Americans, and many people aren’t even aware that they have it. This is why regular visits to your dentist are so important because he or she will screen you for periodontal disease at every bi-annual appointment, and the earlier you detect it, the better your chances are for a successful treatment. If you should encounter gum disease, LANAP treatment in Sunnyvale offers you optimum gum tissue therapy.

What Are the Signs of Gum Disease?

In the early stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis, you may notice that your breath smells bad, your gums are red and swollen, and they bleed when you brush and floss. With a thorough professional cleaning and improved home care, gingivitis can often be successfully managed and even reversed in some cases.

As gum disease advances, it’s known as periodontitis, and it’s in this stage that damage starts to happen to your bone and teeth. By the time you reach this stage, tartar has built up in between your gum tissue and teeth allowing bacteria and infection to attack your jawbone.

Over time your bone begins to deteriorate, causing your teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. While gum disease typically progresses slowly, when you reach the advanced stages the damage actually happens quite quickly, so it’s very important to take action. Periodontitis requires advanced therapy that removes debris from below the gum line.

What is LANAP Therapy?

LANAP is periodontal therapy administered through a dental laser. This revolutionary treatment cleans bacteria and infection out of the pockets between your gum tissue and teeth. The laser sterilizes the pocket around the tooth and then creates a protective seal that allows healing to begin.

LANAP is able to preserve healthy gum tissue that may have been damaged during traditional periodontal therapy. It also promotes healthy bone regeneration, which helps to save teeth that may have been lost to gum disease. Patients who experience LANAP therapy heal faster and report less discomfort than they have with traditional periodontal therapy.

Dr. Joe Provines is proud to offer advanced gum disease treatment in Sunnyvale, CA through LANAP. He and his hygiene team are highly skilled and well equipped to help guide you through any stage of gum disease you may be dealing with. He has seen amazing results in combating periodontal disease with LANAP, and he’s proud to offer patients this advanced care that makes periodontal therapy more comfortable and efficient for patients.

Dr. Provines believes that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to gum disease. With an excellent home care routine and regular dental visits, you may be able to prevent gum disease from happening in the first place. Contact our office to learn more about how we can help you!

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